For Aleepo


The sky is clear,

As sun shines again,

What story will this day,

Tell again…

As Bombs become,

My daily entourage,

I fear not.

For the sky will not fall.

As children bleed,

And homes disappear,

What is left is are my little dreams.

Dreams are life,

Even bombs won’t destroy,

This beautiful light,

I’l guard on my own.

The world hears not,

How blind they’ve become.

As our veins bleed,

We’ll become one with earth.

So fear not; my brethren in pain,

Know this hurt won’t kill us in vain.

In His words; our hearts will find peace,

Forget this not; with hardship comes ease.




Sinking and fierce
In this storm its path i thread
On a sunny day with thirst to quench
On a journey longer than the deepest well

Alone to the world
With nothing to call my own
With dreams untold
And visions to unfold

I stare at the sun
And d past figures it had shone for
I wonder at what stories the sand will tell
On these waves I ponder so well

For a time when the prophet(SAW) rode these lands
And he ran with Aisha(RA) on these sandy lands
The bloodshed and victories attained
The hills and mountains have all seen the same

If only the winds will sing stories of the past
I would sit and listen as the sands come alive
For with every step, I stand on previous marks
Life is a journey,we come and go

That is the cycle of life



Don’t be sad;
Islam is the gift
Rejoice and be happy
Be positive and at peace
For Allah made us Muslims
What greater honor can we receive?

Don’t be sad;
Allah is with us
He is full of majesty
Magnificence and power
Remember His favors
And how they surround us
Then which of the blessings
Of your lord will you deny

Don’t be sad;
Faith is life itself
Whosoever turns away from Him
For him is a life of hardship and strife
So remember Allah more
And He shall reward you with paradise

Don’t be sad;
For there is blessing in pain
For every prick of thorn
Our sins fade away
Do not curse the fever
Our beloved Prophet (saw) says

Don’t be sad;
For everything is preordained
And Allah has written every single page
So trust Al-Azeez
The lord of the Throne
For He is the master
Of all things including Rome

wp dont be sad




I wish I was the sea that brought u afloat
When you were whole with a pearl enclosed
I wish I knew d stories beneath
Ur faded shell at d shore I meet

I yearn for your stories that have been washed at sea
I wish I was d salt that lingered on thee
What beauty you have that I would never see
Unless I become the sea within

For cracks on a shell is what remains
But  forever close I will keep thee
D mysteries within I yearn to keep
A lonely sea shell, with faith found me

For now the tides washed thee ashore
To the cold sands and empty galore
With nothing but weeds to tell thy dreams
Of how u once glowed in the sea within



wp_ss_20160710_0002On the creamy sands
My feet dug deep
What beauty I have found
What strings your smile has played

A mirage of the sea
The winds brought u to me
Oh beloved what stories I seek
Beneath your eyes I think of rubies

Slowly I wander
At seas shore I ponder
I engraved your smile on dunes of sand
Hoping the waves would engrave it beneath

For into the depths of the deep blue sea

I whispered your name
Hoping the seashells would pick this echo
And engrave your name in the pearls within



Reaching Out



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As words come so do they fade.

i wouldnt want to stay alone in this rage.

For the fire that has been lit would never die,

even if it rains its burns for every age.

For with words we move mountains and reach souls of many generations,

we can change the tides and swiftly change emotions.

with which power will we send our notions?

if not with the power of words as large as oceans as the oceans weigh heavily on the earths soil so do i hope my words mark the human soul.